Business Automation

Business automation is not just to increase efficiency, return on investment but to sustain, maintain service level satisfaction and to operate with ease and concentrate on growth in this challenging market. 

Business Intelligence

Data is the hidden treasure and one of biggest investment when you have the right business intelligence tool to give structure to those data and act on time and stay ahead .

Business Communications

We Since inception of business culture communications proven to be the life of a businesses, the more you communicate the more stronger becomes the life of your business.


We don't design a fancy webpage or some skeleton of a eCommerce framework with full of bugs and plugins to sneak. We give you  complete power of listing end number of products to keep your store packed without even stocking those items from the source, and this is the ultimate hidden story behind all the successful eCommerce businesses along with that magic wand all the modern state of art communications tool automate your design, content writing and marketing to showcase your stock and keep a consistent flow of worthy visitors and business revenue.

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Restaurant Online Portal 

We have the latest application for restaurant owners to manage their business with online ordering, online menu, point of sale management, payment processing, account reconciliation with Bank including raw material supplier or vendor management.

Just get in touch with us to get a detailed demo to see how this will maximize your business efficiency.


Real estate / Property Management 

Applications to manage, promote your real estate business along with individual project management tools create project completion milestone stages to measure individual project performance. Application includes all the modern business management tools for smooth operations.   

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Email Templates and mass mailing


Email marketing with ready coded templates designing tools, NO NEED to know any coding to start sending corporate, sales, promotional emails. Simple, just drag and drop to make professional and elegant look emails powered with bulk email marketing, and 100% delivery into the every vaild inbox without being blocked as spam or the domain being flagged as spam which is end of life for any eCommerce business or a domain, so why not see some demo?


Digital Product Sales Application

Application to sell digital products online with downloadable links, best option to sell your digital products with marketing and management automation tools.

We are here to show you how this works, feel free to contact us.

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Exclusive Sales & Marketing Service

Hire Our expert sales and marketing team to done the rough job.

Flights & Hotel Booking

Checkout the application developed by us for flights and hotels booking engine, with API for prices and booking across the globe.

Feel free to contact us to know more about flights and hotels booking engine.

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