Researching Simplicity

ICT training program intended to make technological resources available for citizens in rural Bangladesh alighned with Digital Bangladesh Campaign

Think global act local skill development program for citizens of rural Bangladesh to become efficient workforce for global outsourcing industry

Create work culture in the local community for equal work rights in employment industry intended to serve disabled citizens of rural Bangladesh.

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Services & Solutions

A team dedicated towards enabling sustainable development in Bangladesh, specially working with youth and disbaled citizens of rural Bangladesh and actively involved in creating opportunities for green business to innovate green products

Green Business

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Skill Development

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Decent Employment

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Training Program

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Simplified Solutions

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ICT Resources

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Media Jockey - Innovation Lab

Researching Simplicity For Sustainable Growth In Bangladesh

Digital Cox's Bazar

ICT Resources

Media jockey developed Digital Cox’s bazar working with businesses from cox’s bazar to access IT resources and go global.

Digital Munshi

Simplified Legal Services

Working in Bangladesh to simplify legal procedure and legal work for individuals and businesses with support from Media Jockey.

BIR - Green Business

Bangladesh Innovative Recycling

Working in Bangladesh to develop a sustainable recycling industry through training, support and equipment for recycling

Digital Assistant

Simplified IT Services

Work for multinational individuals and businesses to help them on IT & application development with support from Media JockeY.

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